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Originally Posted by outlierrn
Originally Posted by Terrifel
When Oz fails to fulfill his promise, she is ultimately rescued by Glinda the Good (an underage Saigon prostitute) and returns home with the Ruby Slippers (gonorrhea).

The problem I have with this is that Glinda is 53 years old. Talk about loving you long time.
Come on. It isn't possible that's the ONLY problem you have with it...
The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939. The Vietnam war started in 1959. The three people named as character analogs for Dorothy's companions were non-entities in 1939, (two of them being teenagers, and the other in Business School.) Nixon was only two years out of Law School. Agent Orange wasn't introduced until 1946. If the movie really is a statement on Vietnam, and not just a wonderfully tortured imagining from Terrifel's own mind, (bravo, by the way,) then it's the most prescient bit of film-making I've ever seen. (Bladerunner being a close second. Wait, this isn't the time travel thread... Forget I claimed to have seen that future.)

And although the "parallels" are blatently pasted on... no, scratch that... because they are pasted on, it brings up the question: how much of "psychoanalysis" is more a statement on the mind of the analyst than on the mind of the subject? It always seems to be about sex. Isn't this just a reflection that the most sexually perverse people go into psychology?

That being said... Holy cow, that movie was about sex... nothing but sex from beginning to end.
The multi-colored horse? Dorothy's desire for a "non-white Stallion" to service her.
Her little dog? Sometimes a dog is just a dog, but that makes it beastiality.
The flying monkeys? OMG. That is so perverse I can't even go on...

(tongue firmly in cheek.)