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Neatsfoot oil has no inherent waterproofing quality. It is a thin liquid and does not form a barrier. It's good for conditioning leather but terribly acidic on thread stitching, so don't use it on things that don't have leather stitching (a baseball glove is its ideal use). Never never never use neatsfoot on fittings for a saddle or any type of equipment with an impact on safety. (Lexol makes a special Ph- corrected neatsfoot for use on saddles, if you interested). Neatsfoot oil also tends to darken leather over time, which can be good or bad, depending on your preference. It will darken suede a lot, and unevenly.

Mink oil comes in a paste and has excellent waterproofing qualities. You do have to reapply it fairly often though - it's not like modern durable waterproofing finishes. It dulls the finish of shiny leather, which some people do not care for. That's just a preference thing.

Neatsfoot oil is made from the hooves of cows. Mink oil is made from the fat layer under a mink's skin.

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