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Originally Posted by gotpasswords View Post
And, you probably won't catch me on the world's largest self-supporting glass staircase. (As of 2006, at least) The ones at the Apple stores give me the willies as it is, but this one is much more open - no risers, no bolts and much less hardware to provide visual assurance that the thing isn't about to collapse.
I live in Chicago and the Apple staircase gives me the willies too. That seemingly unsupported one is downright but disconcerting.

We must be weird though. I point out to my friends when we go to that store that the staircase is glass and they literally seem to not process that at all. It's a staircase to them...who cares what it is made out of? Then I watch them blithely trot up the stairs and watch the stair flex under their weight and I cringe.

The stairs are pretty damn cool though.

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