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Originally Posted by Hampshire View Post
I was at the cemetary today and was wandering around some of the new gravesites and headstones and ran across this odd one and have no idea what it means:
Roberta J Lukanen

July 19, 1945 -

Looks like she hasn't passed away yet but got the headstone ahead of time.
I know about the controversial female ritual mutilations in other countries and maybe she was affected by this but it seems a very odd thing (and the only thing) to put on a headstone.

Any insight?
Well, about the only thing that pops to mind would be if she was actually born into a group that practiced female circumcision. Because someone was born Roberta Mgabe doesnt mean she couldnt have married some guy named Lukanen and emmigrated.

Although .... are not jews forbidden to be tattooed? and couldnt she be a survivor of one of the camps, and hence 'ritually unclean' because of the tat?