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I don't know if I would or not. Part of me thinks that I must be some wort of twisted freak for even entertaining the notion of witnessing an execution, of my own free will, on television. Then there's the other part that wants to know for certain that he is dead.

McVeigh wants it televised, so naturally, my first reaction is "no, you rat b******. Why should you get what you want?" Then another part of me thinks that maybe by televising this, somewhere, someone who may be thinking about comitting a crime that could get him/her the death penalty might be watching, and might have a change of heart.

I know I certainly wouldn't let my children watch. But is televising this truly a horrible idea? A larger portion of me is saying "yes, this is a VERY bad idea" than is saying "no, it's not," but I wonder. Maybe could some good come of it?
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