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What Jeffro said is another concern I have. McVeigh's actions were inspired by Waco and Ruby Ridge. Although the militia wackiness seemed to settle some after Oklahoma City (I think even they were horrified by it), I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few really, really far out nutballs that thought this guy was some sort of hero.

And what Ice Wolf said about the parties isn't too tough to believe, either. IIRC, there was quite a bit of merrymaking outside the prison when Ted Bundy was executed.

Upon reflection, I think that televising this probably would be a tremendously crappy idea. I'm following Ice Wolf's slippery slope here, and the conclusion I'm coming to is that we as a society are getting more and more desensitized to violence already. Start televising executions, and while my naive little idea about it maybe putting someone off crime might work for a minute, eventually we'd get so used to the executions that we'd become desensitized to those as well, and end up right back where we started.