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Would I watch? Absolutely not. I'm fully aware this may not make much sense, but somehow or other glorying in his death would degrade me down to his level.

I'm very conflicted about the death penalty issues anyway. Part of me recognizes if the state puts someone to death there's a cogent argument for making the process open, i.e. not hiding it behind closed doors and bearing witness. On the other hand, it's still a person dying, with family and people who care about him no matter what he's done. It's one thing for relatives of the victim(s) to witness an execution. Maybe it helps bring some peace and balance; I dunno. But I can't imagine anything more hideous for innocent family of the condemned to know the execution is being televised for all and sundry.

I can't think of anyone I loathe more than Timothy McVeigh. But I don't want him killed, and it has nothing to do with Br'er Rabbit reasoning. He's an icy, zeal-ridden wannabe martyr. Executing him would just validate his own view of himself. I truly believe the worst, subtle, appropriate punishment would be to make him live. He embraced death as a tactic, wiping out lives carelessly and wantonly, all in service to his own ego--and he's still doing it. There's nothing glamorous about an aging prison lag w/ no hope of freedom. He'd have endless, slow, crawling years with nothing to do but think. I believe those years could be increasingly hideous as the consciousness of what he did hounded him. If he were lucky he might go insane--or genuinely wish for death if the scope of the evil he chose became real to him.

He's wrought enough tragedy and hate.