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Should his execution be televised? Yes.

Would I watch? Yes. (Probably not live since I'm always working these days, but one of my friends would no doubt tape it. . .)

Would it be a spectacle WORTH watching? No.

Lethal injection is boring. We are so very HUMANE these days. We put 'em to sleep like sick dogs. All so solemn and private. What are we ashamed of?

Now the public guillotine, now THERE was a spectacle! Shakespearian drama at its most Senecan debasment. For the groundlings: blood and gore. For the intelligentsia the higher, and more horrible, problem of the severed head and its possible consciousness after the deed is done. A little something for everyone, a crowd pleaser . . .

As for all these fretful questions of the death penalty being a "deterrent" -- please! This is the highest tirade in the dingbat Rousseauist debate playbook. It is the same sort of thinking that gave us the notion that when we lock criminals up, we are "rehabilitating" them.

Imprisonment is punishment of an individual, as is execution. "Deterrence" is a secondary question, interesting certainly, but in no way a deciding factor in the question of imprisonment or execution.