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On a gut level, I hope it's not televised. TV news is already presents itself as entertainment too often, in my opinion. No matter how much was said about how citizens have the right to witness the functions of our justice system, I think it would still be presented as some sort of gory entertainment.

Also, the mere fact that he wants it to be televised makes me think we should not. I hope the cook burns his last meal.

I don't support the death penalty, but I also realize that the death penalty is currently part of our legal system and that McVeigh has received his due process. If it were to be televised, and if I had children (which I don't) and I felt they were old enough and they wanted to watch it, I would rather watch it with them. I would want to use it as an opportunity to talk about why I oppose the death penalty, and hopefully get them to think about their own stand on the issue.