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I would watch.

I'm not sure if I think that it should or should be televised (are they actually, seriously considering it?) but I would watch if it were.

Now, I am very, very, very much against the death penalty, for a million and one reasons. So if people were listening to me, he wouldn't be getting put to death in the first place.

But no one listens to me, so that's a mute point.

I cannot even imagine how horrible something like that would be to witness (I have read accounts written by people who watched an execution, and those were pretty awful, so to actually see one must be a good deal more unsettling), even if it is something as mundane as lethal injection. And that is kind of why I would want to watch - to be unsettled.

I would hope that other people who would watch would be unsettled too, and would realize what an incredibly dumb and barbaric thing the death penalty is, and so maybe they would change their mind about it. Or something.