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Well, for what it's worth I've seen a couple of

executions and don't care to see any more of them.

I'm from the US but working in Saudi Arabia right now and there are public executions almost every week somewhere in the Kingdom. On two occasions I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up seeing a man beheaded.

The executions are done on a Friday after the mid-day religious services in a public square. There is usually a large crowd, friends and family of both the prisoner and the victim.
A black van shows up with the prisoner and the executioner. The prisoner is tied and hooded, rumor has it that he is also mildly drugged. It's hot and quiet, a standard desert mid-day and you can smell the dust and the crowd around you.
The actual execution is done with a sword. The executioner is very matter-of-fact about it. He simply unsheathed the sword, threw the sheath on the hood of the truck, turned and sliced the prisoner's head off. One stroke, very quick and clean.
There is an enormous fountain of blood, I had never realized how much blood someone has in their body.
Afterwards everyone leaves quietly, it's not a celebration of any sort, they merely see it as justice having been done.
Anyway, executions are common here, usually for murder, rape, or drug dealing. On the up-side, Saudi is also a very safe place. Very few murders, rapes or openly sold drugs and definately no repeat offenders.
Anyway, I'm not saying that public executions and a safe environment are cause and effect, I couldn't back that up. I *CAN* say that if I were planning to commit a serious crime I would have second and third thoughts after seeing an execution.
Sorry for the slight hijack but although I have no scruples about the death penalty I would NOT go to watch it.