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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Turbo Dog
Originally posted by RoboDude

I have yet to see the slightest trace of evidence that the death penalty has any deterrent effect whatsoever.
Why would it be a deterrent? It's hardly used. How many admitted murderers are in jail? How many on death row? It's very disproportionate. The ones who are actually on death row have been there for MANY years.
Hey, Texas and Virginia execute people like it's going out of style, and it appears to have no effect on their murder rates. Especially in Texas.

It means nothing. Plus, who really gets it? The psychotic ones that don't really care.
Actually, the ones that "get it" are usually poor and overwhelmingly nonwhite. Oh, and in Texas, the occassional retarded person, minor, non-English speaker, non-citizen, and whoever else they think they might be able to toss in.

Make the death penalty mean something, and make it the most gruesome and painful ordeal possible, and it will be a deterrent.
Um, did you see the thing about pickpockets? People were picking pockets in the crowd of people gathered to watch the hangings of pickpockets. It isn't a deterrent, face it.

At the very worst, who cares if anyone is deterred? My feeling is this: If anyone wants Timmy to not be put to death, that they alone be taxed for his support for the next umpteen years. Not me.
Gee, that's a reasonable response. You do know that the parents and families of some of the people killed in the bombing have asked that he not be executed. Right? I mean, you do know that?