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I had said:
I mean, hell, I've watched every episode of Temptation Island, fercryingoutloud. It can't be worse than that...
Spiritus Mundi replied:
DavidB, I'm begging you, man . . . please tell me you were joking!
About which part? That I have watched every episode of TI or that his execution can't be much worse?

If it's the former, nope, I'm 100% serious. I even tape it when I'm not home on Wed. nights. Like I said, I write a web column on reality TV. Believe me, I'm not doing it 'cus I like the show!

(If you want to see some of the articles, search at or I get paid a couple pennies for each reader, so I can't give a direct link.)

If it's the latter, well, I gotta figure that the extended torture (to me, as a viewer) of TI makes it worse to watch than a quick death (to some other guy) by lethal injection.

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