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Am I for it? Definitely! Would I watch it? Probably not. I don't think putting McVeigh to sleep is a suitable punishment. He gave up the right to live when he killed 168 innocent people. Since some people should not be in society and you cannot guarentee they won't escape from prison like Ted Bundy did to kill again, what can you do with them?

I would like to be in Oklahoma City on the day of McVeigh's execution.

To quote Tom Paxton's "Bring Back The Chair"

The present rules could use revision.
Make the obvious decision.
Put it all on television.
Let's bring back the chair.
Slap a little make-up to them.
As the juices sizzle through them,
Geraldo Rivera could interview them.
Let's bring back the chair.

(Actually, it was originally Howard Cosell).