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Originally Posted by supergoose View Post
No, but someone reporting suspected abuse or neglect based on internet postings that don't even contain a vague admission of guilt made by an anonymous poster should be prepared to not be taken very seriously by the person receiving their calls.
I've been trying to imagine that conversation all thread, since a couple of people have said the mods should contact the authorities. It'd probably go like this:

"Police department of [town Cesario is in]."
"Hi there, I'd like to report a pedophile I found on the internet."
"Do you have reason to believe this person plans to abuse a child?"
"No. Mostly he's saying he should be allowed to have sex with children if they consented."
"Has he confessed to a crime?"
"He says he wouldn't break the law."
"Do you believe he's harmed a child in the past?"
"He says he hasn't. I don't know."
"Do you have reason to believe this person is in possession of child pornography?"
"Has he been grooming a child or discussed doing so?"
"No. He says he's into kids younger than 10, and there aren't any on the site."
"Is this person a registered sex offender?"
"Not as far as I know."
"So what would you like us to do?"
"I felt like I should say something, in case it helps."
"Thank you."