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Originally Posted by Jerseyman View Post
Let's see: Indian cookery relies a lot on ghee, the butter from buffalo milk 'clarified' (whatever that means),
Ghee (Indian Clarified Butter
Ghee is a clarified butter without any solid milk particles or water. ...
Traditionally, ghee is made from from butter churned out of Indian yogurt (curd). It is boiled and constantly stirred until the all the water is evaporated. Then, further heated to get a pleasant flavor, slightly cooled and filtered through muslin to remove sediment.
Gee, that was hard to find.

cheese is made from water buffalo, sheep and goat milk as well as from cow.
Cheese is made from every kind of milk that humans use.
In fact goat milk is thinner and easier to digest for human infants than cow. It tastes rather like coconut 'milk'.
Goat's milk has a slightly different array of casein proteins than cow's milk. This may or may not make it easier to digest. That claim is mostly made by goat milk enthusiasts rather than scientists. It tastes more like cow's milk than coconut milk, although all animal milk taste changes depending upon the animal's feed.
Lapps use reindeer milk, though they deliver it in frozen chunks, so what they actually use it for is anybody's guess.
You can't possibly believe this, so I'm going to be kind and consider this is a deliberate whoosh.
The 'oriental races' do not use milk and lack the lactose tolerance that allows Caucasians and Negroids to utilise it. Nomads on the Asiatic plains used horse milk fermented as 'Koumiss' that must be a kind of yoghourt as well as drinking horse blood.
Historically, East Asians did not have a large domesticated milkable animal. Lactose tolerance is a mutation on chromosone 2 that happens regularly and spontaneously. It is also dominant. Those who have this mutation has a slightly better chance of reproduction if they can regularly get calcium and other nutrients from milk. East Asians who had this mutation did not pass it on because it didn't confer any advantage.

Other "oriental races" differed. Mongolians milked their horses and produced koumiss, which is not yogurt but kefir as would have taken you a second to look up. Those on the Indian subcontinent also had large milkable animals, cows and water buffalo, and so milk products are found everywhere in northern Indian cuisines and lactose tolerance is often found there.

"Negroids" are almost 100% percent lactose intolerant. Only a very few tribes that raised cows utilized the lactose tolerance mutation. The vast majority of the African slaves brought to America were lactose intolerant and stayed that way, although interbreeding with whites has made the mutation more prevalent today.

There is hardly any culture that has domesticated any milk-producing animal that has not used the milk except those lactose-intolerant Orientals.
Yes! A true statement!
The cow is sacred in India because of her milk.
No! Sheer nonsense!
It must have been the second thing that starving nomads learnt, that they couldn't eat grass and instead of killing the animals that could (first thing they learnt) and then looking for more, they could milk them and let the milk curdle or ferment in a way that kept it for longer, and the animal was there to milk again.
Well, possibly. The origin of milking goes back too far for scientists to be sure how it started. This is plausible, but I wouldn't go any further.
There is a milk we should not drink because it is far too rich and causes liver damage but I'm damned if I can remember what it is. It is something so unlikely that nobody ever would or has anyway - polar bear or something like that.
Sheer unadulterated nonsense. You're probably thinking of the concentration of vitamin A found in polar bear liver. Most animal milks have low amounts of vitamin A.

This is GQ. Could you please not post thrown-up masses of half-remembered and unresearched - not to mention offensive - stories that the rest of us have to work to debunk before they can spread their ignorance?