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I guess you can compare grammar and usage from a 1798 poem to a 2006 book, but things have changed a bit over that time span.

Originally Posted by Frylock View Post
Those sentences at face value make perfect sense. It takes inferential work to understand why someone would think they don't make sense.
They are grammatically incorrect with double negatives when only a single negative is intended. At face value the first one literally means "I have money" but in context most of us know that this is a common ungrammatical usage to mean "I have no money." We also might know the second means "Don't go anywhere" if we are used to that ungrammatical usage (or dialect, depending on your school of thought).

In the case of the OP's quote most people have never seen such a usage, well at least I haven't. I'm not a literary scholar but I do read a lot and I just didn't get it.