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Originally Posted by Condescending Robot View Post
Someone so unconcerned with his own family that his teenage son committed suicide--which many believe was due to Dungy rejecting his son for being gay.
Every single rumor I can find that James was gay was written by a third party who never met the kid and who had a prior hatred for Tony over his religious activism.
Since the person who found the body was his girlfriend, (and 18 seems a bit young for a beard, although not impossible), I'm going to hold off joining in condemnation over a rumor that seems to have no basis beyond the hatred of one group for another.

I have known several outstanding families who have suffered suicides and the idea that teen suicides are always, or even routinely, the result of parental pressure are loathesome falsehoods.

Got evidence? Bring it back. Otherwise, you are simply letting your own antipathy to a particular person clutter up the Pit when we should be excoriating kitten lovers, or something.