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Whats this strange ticking sound in my house?

During the quiet of the night I can often hear a faint tick..tick...tick... sound coming from a specific area in our house. I have been trying to work out what it is but am completely stumped.

Before you get too excited - it is not a clock or a watch or a bomb. Here are some observation:
- the sound is a rapid tick..tick..tick - say that quietly and as quickly as you can - that is what it sounds like
- it was on our dresser, now it is on a desk in our bedroom
- I have heard it for over 6 months, a few times a week
- i have heard other instances of it in other points in the house - none of these sources of the sound move around
- when i disturb something near the origin of the sound it stops for about 30 seconds, then starts up again. This happens when I try to track it down by moving staff around.
- i have not seen anything that could be the source

So I recon it is some tiny critter that doesn't wander around. Can someone put me out of my misery - what is it?