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Originally posted by PunditLisa
I sincerely doubt McVeigh feels any remorse. What little communication he gives is laced with contempt.

Would I watch? No. I don't watch boxing either, for much the same reason. However, if HBO wants to offer it as a Pay-Per-View, with the proceeds going to the victims' families, what the hell. We can't sink much lower than we have already, given the popularity of Jerry Springer and the WWF.

Do I think he deserves to die? Yes. Do I think he should be able to dictate the terms of his execution? No. He gave up his rights when he killed 138 people.
Actually, it was 168 people, only 8 of whom he's been tried of killing.

A quote from a book due out this week (week of 4/3/2001):
[i]"I understand what they felt in Oklahoma City. I have no sympathy for them." -- Timothy McVeigh[i]
I guess he's actually admitting to the bombing now, which would've saved millions of dollars prosecuting the bastard had he confessed in the first place. That was probably his strategy: he wants to die a martyr to all those other sick puppies out there like him. Waco begets Oklahoma City begets Columbine High begets ... He wouldn't've been sentenced to death if he'd confessed.

His real sentence should've been life imprisonment, with his cell decorated with a wallpaper image of the fireman carrying out the fatally injured, blood-covered baby.
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