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Meaningful electoral finance reform is unconstitutional. Money is speech, saith the Supreme Court, and speech is free. Except when you say it to a politician. Or with flowers. Or something.

Seriously, if we can't stop everyone from spending outrageous amounts of their own money on politics, maybe we shouldn't be stopping anyone. That's why I'm against California's Prop. 15 -- it's a pilot public financing option on this month's ballot that's got huge support among local members of my party, despite the fact that MEG WHITMAN IS ON THE SAME BALLOT! Meg Whitman, the one-woman argument incarnate against half-assed campaign reform. Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO who is spending up to $150 million of her own money to buy the governorship. Meg Whitman, who didn't bother to VOTE!

Yes, by all means, let's encourage candidates to handcuff themselves before leaping into shark-infested waters. The thrashing is oh-so-enjoyable.