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Originally Posted by gonzomax View Post
That in spite of the fact they spend half their time raising money instead of doing the work they were elected to do.
Well, the campaign finance reform that has come to pass so far is the entire reason they spend half their time raising money, because they're required to raise it in small chunks. Previously, they could fund themselves through a couple of rich backers and not worry about asking small donors for money. The current system may be more demanding of the legislator's time, but I think it's more egalitarian.

Originally Posted by Cat Whisperer View Post
I can agree with that. It might be my political naiveté speaking, but I don't see how you get a government that is elected and rules democratically when the people with the money tell them how to vote and choose who you will vote for.
Note that many lobbyists represent large groups of people who have pooled their money: AARP, SEIU, TIAA-CREF are just a couple that come to mind.

Also, the alternate perspective is that to public finance opponents, it seems dangerous to democracy for incumbents to set the terms upon which their challengers must campaign. The fear is the possibility of corruption.