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Billdo, wait a sec. Schroedinger's cat is in a box, right? I mean, it's hard enough to attach toast to a cat when you know that the cat's alive and kicking (and scratching), but when there's only a 50% chance then the complications multiply, no? Plus, if you think about it (and that's probably not a wholesome activity, but anyway), the box would have to be very large indeed, since otherwise you wouldn't be testing the aerodynomic properties of buttered toast and cats, but of buttered toast and Schroedinger boxes, which rather defeats the purpose. So you attach the toast to the cat, put the cat on a remote-controlled diving board (or maybe a dunking seat?) inside a giant box, to which one attaches an equally giant vial of prussic acid with valve controlled by quantum activity. You press a button, the toast-cat-torpedo goes merrily flying, all the while at the quantum level the cat is alive or not alive, but of course if the cat isn't alive then the only way it can land on its feet is, well, coincidence.

Oh lordy, help me out of this!