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Wow, what a great thread!

Originally posted by Billdo
Of course, if you use Schroedinger's cat for this experiment, there's only a 50% chance of this happening.
Does anybody besides me wonder what Schroedenger's home life was like? Was his basement a veritable cat graveyard? Did he leave them in the boxes, or was it just heaped to the ceiling with dead cats? How many cats did he need to prove his conjecture? Where the hell did he get all those cats? And just what did he have against cats, anyway? Why not something less desirable like, say, perhaps Schroedenger's Centipede? That way, people would be motivated to continue the research, learning about quantum physics the hands-on way. I mean, who would want to have a simultaneously-live-and-dead zombie cat in a box? Not me! But nobody would object to killing a bunch of centipedes! After all, as Oppenheimer was heard to remark after the first successful Atomic Bomb test, "KLAATU BARADA NIKTO."

So here we have the explanations for the nine lives - three of them are curled up in the "extended" dimensions we can see, and the other six are curled up in the curled-up dimensions we can't see.
If cats are curled up in curled-up dimensions, does that mean cats have six dimensions of square curlage, equal to 6c2? What are the implications of this?