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The time-out is much more valuable than the 5 yards. The 5 yards can be easily overcome by good offensive teams. They do it all the time with sacks and other penalties. The situation doesn't occur enough and the 5 yards isn't damaging enough to warrant giving up the time-out.

Save the time-out for confusion on 3rd (or 4th) and goal from the 1, confusion while attempting a 52-yard field goal, stopping the clock late, or reserving your ability to challenge a call. Each of these is worth much more than a meager 5 yards. Now if a team was getting confused every third play, then yes the aggregate loss of yards on penalties would warrant taking a time-out. But in that situation the team probably isn't very good and won't be winning much anyway, and if you burn time-outs to save a delay of game penalty, you can only do it to save 15 yards (I'm only considering the second half, the only one that would really matter in this scenario); it's not that much.

Of course, quantifying this scenario seems impossible.

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