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Originally Posted by Quercus View Post
I'm more convinced otherwise: for instance in one of the links above, they take a situation that seems pretty typical: 7:00 left in the 4th quarter, 3rd and 10 from their own 20, down by 7. They conclude that it's better to take the 5-yard penalty and save the time out.
"Pretty typical" might be a bit much. I'd question the coaching if that were pretty typical.

A good coach will keep the down and distance manageable. Keeping each series "on schedule" is a pretty key element to a successful offense. That's why after an incomplete pass on first down, most everyone runs the ball on second down. Armchair quarterbacks may think a two yard run is a waste there, but 3rd & 8 is much better than 3rd & 10. If you happen to get three or four yards instead of two, so much the better.

I think I'd agree with furt that 5 yards is usually more valuable than a timeout, which you may never even end up needing. You always need those 5 yards.

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