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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
The point of my question is that if you add up all your examples, plus all the times you take it to avoid delay of game, it averages out to fewer timeout than teams have to spend. So it doesn't make sense not to use it.

I mean, those delay of game timeouts happen less than once a game. Why wouldn't you spend it? It's not like you're doing it 5 times a game so you have to choose between that and your second challenge.
If it does occur less than one time per game, then you would lose less than 5 yards per game due to taking the penalty. Is that significant enough? I consider timeouts insurance, instead of auto, home, and life, you have timeout insurance for confusion on a play, stopping the clock late in a close game, having a challenge available. It's insurance you want to have if those situations occur, regardless of how rarely. They may happen less than one time per game, but sometimes they happen twice in a series. In 20 years, your house never burned down. Was it wise to pay for 20 years of fire insurance?

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