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Originally Posted by Mince View Post
If it does occur less than one time per game, than you would lose less than 5 yards per game due to taking the penalty. Is that significant enough? I consider timeouts insurance, instead of auto, home, and life, you have timeout insurance for confusion on a play, stopping the clock late in a close game, having a challenge available. It's insurance you want to have if those situations occur, regardless of how rarely. In 20 years, your house never burned down. Was it wise to pay for 20 years of fire insurance?
This is a bizarre way to look at it. My gut reaction is that it's an inappropriate (read as: inapplicable, not offensive) mentality.

So, 3rd & goal on the 1, play clock winding down, you take the penalty because you're losing fewer than 5 yards per game and it's smart to have homeowner's insurance?