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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
So, 3rd & goal on the 1, play clock winding down, you take the penalty because you're losing fewer than 5 yards per game and it's smart to have homeowner's insurance?
No, read my previous posts. I stated emphatically that you save the timeouts precisely for those situatiions. I don't think, as stated above, you should take a timeout when it's 3rd and 8 at your own 13 early in third (or fourth) when the likeliest result is that you will end up punting, even if you convert the 3rd and 8. You should save that timeout for precisely the situation you describe here.

But again, it's all conditional and almost impossible to quantify. What if you're on your 1 yard line? The penalty is less than a yard. Take or not take?

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