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As for Jack and the Giant, what right did he have to the Giant's treasure? Why is the Giant seen as evil for trying to kill him?

Imagine this scenario: you're woken up in the middle of the night by an intruder, and when you turn on the lights you see that the intruder is a 2 foot tall adolescent little person who is trying to rob you. Do you say "Oooh, isn't he adorable! Let's see if I can find some baby clothes that match what I'm wearing and make some Mini-Me pictures!", or do you grab the first available weapon (without regard to whether it's size appropriate) and say "Get back mo-fooker you don't know me like that!" and hold him prisoner til the police come. I suspect you'd do the latter: the fact he's a Little Person is strange but the fact he's broken in and robbing you is the important part. The Giant is no different: however he earned his gold we can be sure he didn't steal it from Jack, Jack has no more claims to it than anybody else, he's completely in his rights and justifiable in all ways in imprisoning Jack. Jack is a thief and an invader, and if the giant were evil, he'd have killed Jack right off the bat wouldn't he?