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Then there's Jack's mom. She is, according to the story, penniless and starving and has only one asset: a cow which she tells jack to sell to buy food. Now presumably the entire land is not doing well, but even if the local economy is booming a so-so cow is not now nor has it ever been able to bring enough to really tide you over more than a few weeks and that's if you get top dollar and eat cheaply; you're as well off slaughtering it and then trading meat for vegetables to go with it. If you can hold off any time at all the best thing to do would be to breed it to a bull and in a few months you'll have milk that you can use to make cheese, veal if you just really need a beef hit (and even a calf can make a lot of sausage), and all the while manure to plant things.

Instead Jack's mom does one of the stupidest possible things with her one asset: gives it to a halfwitted son who trades it for a handful of beans. She apparently doesn't even think of going with him. What is she thinking?

I'm starting to wonder if there ever even was a cow. Two theories about his mother come to mind:

1- His mother (hereinafter M) is a Mary Surratt figure who may not have been in on a plot with her son and or the beanseller to kill the giant and they all invented the cow story later to explain sudden wealth or else concocted it beforehand for plausible deniability sake


2 His mother is like Angela Lansbury's character in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and is working with the Beanseller to get her son to be an unwitting assassin of the Giant

Or is he unwitting? Perhaps he's less a Manchurian Candidate than a conspirator with Beanseller all along. Or perhaps it's middle ground: he's gullible and easily swayed ala Leon Czolgosz. Either way, this could be something he and the Beanseller have been cooking up in their basement for some while ala Lenin and Trotsky.

There's a profounder side to this whole thing and I won't rest until we know the truth. I suspect it's a combination Bolshevik parable with the Giant as the Romanov Dynasty (except that makes little sense the story is older than the Russian Revolution) or it's a code that will lead us to the Last Scion.

Either way, interested to read your thoughts and conspiracy theories.