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So 4 Theories So Far:
M= Mother/J= Jack/B=Beanseller

1- M gives J cow in good faith, J trades to B in good faith, neither J or M knows B before hand

2) J and B are working together, M is in the dark

3) M and B are working together, J is in the dark

4) J and M and B all know each other and are all working together

As for the beanstalk: what possible advantage could a gigantic beanstalk have to a regular sized person? Approximately none. BUT it would be only logical that a giant's beanstalks would be, in a word, giant, or otherwise it would be like a ...regular sized person harvesting beans the size of BBs. (Sidenote: Truman Capote once observed that his favorite thing about very rich people was how smaller their food was- "potatoes the size of peas and bananas the size of okra.") So, these probably were not so much magic beans as just giant's beans. Clearly the beanseller had obtained them, directly or indirectly, from the Giant's land, implying either he had been there himself or he had a mole in Giant Land.

Now I'm wondering who had the most to gain by the Giant's death.