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In essence, Jack is really stupid, accepting alleged magic beans for a cow. He strikes lucky, for some reason that we can't understand - as summarised by Sampiro.

The beans grow - on the face of it, several plants grow from them, in an intertwined fashion. It is not made clear what is supporting them, as beans need to grow on something like another plant or wire. Implausible indeed.

Then this idiot actually climbs up the plants in a totally dangerous fashion. He could not rationally expect anything from doing this, and is just being stupid. By chance, he gets lucky again, and finds a giant's country. Ultimately he steals money and goods from the giant, who seems to be a normal law-abiding resident of the cloud country. After this, he escapes, and causes the innocent resident to fall to his death.

I think we need to enquire further into this story about how he acquired his gold. the beans and giant story is frankly not believable.