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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Either you're unaware of the versions of the tale that include the fact that the Giant had a wife, or you have some motive for covering up her existence and partitipation in the events that led to the Giant's demise.

Perhaps you are a scion of The Widder Giantess's second marriage (to the beanseller, of course), a hypothesis I find far more plausible than any that involve you being ignorant of even the most obscure versions of this bit of folklore.

Let's open the floor back up for some more discussion...
Did anybody ever see the Giant's wife before his death other than Jack? Because what I hear of is a woman who suddenly shows up saying "Oh, I was his wife... no, no marriage license, but we were married in our hearts in an 'I inherit what's left of his earthly estate" sort of way.

I wonder if his 'wife' bore a strong resemblance to Jack's mother.

Or if she had indeed been caught with the Beanseller, whoever he was before he sold beans, and spirited him the beans. Which I suspect weren't beans at all but bamboo which grows very fast and doesn't need a pole to support it, in which case either she or the giant one may well have been Asian.

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