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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Surprising that HE never plummeted to his death in Jack's front yard.
Speaking of, the rules of physics in this story are also impossible to dissect. I can accept the existence of giants- it never says the giant was 90 feet tall or anything, I think the cutoff for giant in America is 7'0 tall and there's any number of people who tower over that. I can accept a rare plant that shoots up dramatically fast and high- as I've posited it could be a strain of bamboo, a plant that grows so fast it can actually be seen growing and this particular strain perhaps irradiated or genetically tampered with, so that too is possible. BUT---

Jack and his mother and presumably the Beanseller live on solid ground. They are conditioned to conditions of grounddwellers and the gravity of living on Earth or at least an Earthlike planet. Jack climbs the beanstalk and finds a Giant living in the sky and walking around clearly unconcerned with an unaffected by physics as we know it, either wandering around held aloft by clouds or just levitating or perhaps somehow there is solid ground in the sky, which begs the question "why doesn't it ever come crashing down to Earth?" Is it held aloft with Unobtainium- is this the Avatar world?

OR- perhaps- it is a mesa. That could be the case and would explain if the plant were indeed not bamboo how it was able to grow- it grew against the wall of a mesa, one on which a 7'0+ man had taken refuge, perhaps due to the prejudice he encountered below or because he preferred and or needed the oxygen of a higher altitude. So it could be that Jack was living in southern Utah or in Arizona or New Mexico and not Alfredian England.

And since American Indians are known to have cultivated numerous species of bean, perhaps he was a Hopi. Or go further south- an Inca- and this could be a tale of Macchu Picchu brought over by one of the starcraft that periodically comes out of Lake Titicaca to trade with people on the mountains and catch some shows in America, thus adding an extraterrestrial element.