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Originally Posted by Sampiro View Post
He plans to rob Jack. But that presents so many other problems I'm going to ignore it for now. Perhaps somebody else will take it.
I think he did rob Jack. We never hear about what happened to the chopped down beanstalk...perhaps that's what the beanseller really wanted, a full grown beanstalk. Think about it; we have a stalk that grows with impossible speed, extends to impossible heights, and those who climb it end up in another land with physics defying giant people. It's some kind of organic interdimensional transport!

The thing almost has to have some sort of ultra-high energy un-Earthly metabolism to grow that fast, and is made of something pretty exotic to support not only its weight but that of a giant. And warping between dimensions definitely requires things you wouldn't find in normal vegetation. Quite likely things that are radioactive or a close facsimile. For that matter, all of the giant's loot since it came from a universe with slightly different physics quite possibly started to radioactively decay once it was brought into Jacks universe. Which explains why the beanseller didn't grow one himself; he wanted to live. We just didn't read the sequel where Jack dies of cancer in a year or two...

So Jack grows the thing, climbs up, and has the whole giant incident. He chops down the stalk, and goes home to count his lethal loot. The beanseller meanwhile quietly appropriates the now quiescent beanstalk to harvest its exotic dimension crossing materials now that it's dead and no longer producing dangerous levels of exotic particles.