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I wish I had seen this thread before it hit Threadspotting.

You may be unaware that in the Appalachian Jack Stories, Jack gets set up for a number of adventures by a one-eyed wandering peddler wearing a wide brimmed hat. Jack usually engages in an honest trade with this mysterious peddler. He trades a cow for some beans, or shares his meal for a place to sleep. After the trade, where Jack does not ask for more than is offered, Jack then fights a monster (or monsters) on the peddler's behalf. He fights a giant in the first case, and witches in the second case. Then jack gets a reward for his honesty. (The Giant's gold or the shack where he slept is transformed in to a large house.)

I think it's obvious that Jack is the Mysterious One-eyed Peddler's pawn. And who is this mysterious wandering peddler who is missing an eye, wears a wide brimmed hat, rewards honesty, and wants to defeat monsters? Could it be... Odin?