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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
"hears about?" how in hell did the Deep South not invent this?
Yeah, personally I am a bit embarassed about that myself...We decided to take pictures and we were a bit afraid the folks in this middle of nowhere country "store" would take offense. But they were proud of it and even opened it up so we could see the magical inner workings. I told them I thought there would be like Kebler elves in there with a tiny stove tops and pots slaving away, but alas it just a kinda like a giant hospital IV bag except filled with sausage gravy. Some mysteries are better left unsolved I guess...

Anyhow, if you must know more, do an internet search for Bob Evans gravy dispenser. You can get one magical dispenser AND 4 cases of IV gravy for under $600. Apparently the Bob Evans company IS east of the Mississippi but I don't know how southern it is. I just know I've never seen one of those contraptions down south. Then again I don't get out much fast/junk/convience store food wise.

If I do win the lottery I will say I'll buy one of these babies before I buy an expresso machine.

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