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Late to the party on this one, as we've spent the last week on the road in the John Day area of Oregon. Our old RV was a 27' Class 'C' with a Triton V-10. It got 8 mpg regardless of whether or not I was pulling a toad, uphill, downhill, etc. The marvels of metered fuel injection. My present RV is a Class B (van conversion), which gets about 12+ with a V-8, but that should improve over time, since I only have about 2,000 miles on it.

For me and my family, gravy is considered a beverage, so I'm all for a dispenser. In fact, I had thought about opening a gravy bar, much like an espresso stand, where I would dispense shots of one's favorite fat-based substance. I was going to call it "One Foot In The Gravy". Any potential investors may contact me via PM.

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