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Hey Hail Ants.

thanks for the nice write up. We knew that towing stuff but it never hurts to hear it again and it sure might save some other random reader a buttload of grief.

Our new Jeep has a tiny button you push to put it into neutral. If you listen carefully you can hear a faint clunk and a red led lights up. To me the goofy part is it doesnt STAY lit. It turns off after a few seconds. So, if later you can't remember for SURE if you did it, you gotta undo it and do it again (that or start towing and figure something aint right and/or screw something up). Seems like a bad design to me. Oh, and the first time we towed it was interesting. We got the where we were going, whip out the manual. It told you how to get into neutral to tow. There was NOTHING anywhere in the manual that told you how to get it OUT of neutral. It took about 5 minutes to figure out the critical steps needed.

Oh, and the heat out here in the midwest is interesting. We parked the Jeep in a parking lot about 5pm. The shindig wasnt over till about 10 pm. Go out, get in the Jeep and drive off. Loud clunking sound. Crap, flat tire. Nope, a chunk of asphalt about the size of roll of paper towels had glued itself to the tire and was ripped out of the parking lot surface. Since it had now cooled off, it was well glued to the tire. Took me about 10 minutes of prying, pulling, and peeling to get it off the tire.