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Originally Posted by billfish678 View Post
THIS trip we are averaging more like 7.5 give or take.

The RV is a 35 foot class A motorhome. Model year 1997. It has the older "basements" It has 37,000 miles on it. The engine is a Chevrolet 454 7.4 liter V8 Vortec engine with SFI (which I guess is some sort of fuel injection system).

We are typically driving it in the 60 to 65 mile an hour range.
So, given all this, is this the kind of mileage one would expect?
Your mileage sounds about right.

We bought a new 1989 32 foot class A, "basement", 454 Chevy. Drove the speed limit 60 to 70 mph, towed a new 89 Honda Civic, auto transx, all four on the ground with tow bar that folded up on the Honda bumper. Mix of mountains and flat land mileage was usually 7 to 8 mpg. If we had a good strong tail wind might get 10 mpg.
The Honda dealer said Honda wouldn't warranty the auyo transx if towed but I'd read in Motorhome magazine that people towed them with out problems so that was good enough for me.

BTW... That sure is low miles for that 97. We sold our 89 in 95 and we had already run up 29,000 miles.