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Originally Posted by billfish678 View Post
Our new Jeep has a tiny button you push to put it into neutral. If you listen carefully you can hear a faint clunk and a red led lights up. To me the goofy part is it doesnt STAY lit. It turns off after a few seconds. So, if later you can't remember for SURE if you did it, you gotta undo it and do it again (that or start towing and figure something aint right and/or screw something up). Seems like a bad design to me. Oh, and the first time we towed it was interesting. We got the where we were going, whip out the manual. It told you how to get into neutral to tow. There was NOTHING anywhere in the manual that told you how to get it OUT of neutral. It took about 5 minutes to figure out the critical steps needed.
Wow! I can understand the neutral button being tiny to prevent curious and the uninformed from hurting themselves, but once in neutral I'd expect a great big RED light to come on right on the instrument panel, and stay on!