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Originally Posted by JBDivmstr View Post

Just how many meanings are you implying, according to your post?

I posit the same to Darth Panda.
I'm not really interested in checking each definition against every other and presenting a case for each one that I feel differs, but I do feel as though things like:

play, as in "give", referring to a range of motion something has (how much play);

play, as in "turn" in a game (your play);

play, as in "conduct" (fair play, dirty play, etc.);

play, as in "perform" on a musical instrument (play the guitar); and

play, as in "opportunity" relating to an oil field (an oil play)

are examples of distinct meanings. That isn't to say that in the course of the history of language that there is no common ancestry - of course there is- I'm just saying that the meanings are distinct, for some reasonable value of distinct. Many more definitions within the list constitute other meanings, with varying degrees of distinctness, which you, the OP, and others are free to evaluate for yourselves, should you desire to do so.

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