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Originally Posted by Peter Morris View Post
Mr Punch, the puppet originated in Italian theatre Commedia Del Arte, where he is known as Punchinello or Pulcinella.

However, I'm not sure that a proper noun counts as a separate definition for a word.

I'd also guess that 'punch' the alcoholic drink is so called because it has a kick like a punch with the fist.
Actually, the words may be related, but not in the way that you guess. "Punch" comes from a word meaning "five" in Indian languages, the idea being that it is made with 5 ingredients. Compare: "Punjab", meaning 5 rivers in Persian.

The origin of our number words is generally obscure, but it is speculated that the Indo-European word for "five" is related to that for "hand" or "fist", the connection obviously being the 5 fingers on a human hand.