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Originally Posted by whc.03grady View Post
I realize that the example was invented to demonstrate the absurdity of certain interpretations of quantum physics. But from what I've gathered, mainstream physics has since determined that the absurdity is merely alleged; they bite the bullet and allow that the cat is alivedead. The property they've invented (or discovered, depending on one's predilictions) is that of being in a superposition.

That's the whole point of what I'm getting at, that that's a heck of a bullet to bite (viz., rejecting the law of the excluded middle).
Not that I'm trying to argue for or against the Copenhagen interpretation, but I think we should point out that it "seems absurd" is an even weaker scientific argument than any one might be trying to refute. One should read up on a the actual theories before proclaiming them absurd; but that's a big, big job and beyond me.

Seemingly absurd things happen in physics all the time - especially particle physics. Try firing a stream of electrons one at a time at two slits and you'll see something that seems absurd. But it happens.

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