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Originally Posted by whc.03grady View Post
Well, I don't know. If a scientist performs an experiment and the result shows that my car is simultaneously blue all over and red all over, I'd say the absurdity of that result should give one pause.
We don't take absurd results in mathematics (or philosophy) in stride; a mathematician who showed that 1+1=3 would have a lot of 'splaining to do. Why does the physicist get a pass?
He doesn't. What makes you think he does? He gets extensively peer reviewed and scritinized. His papers and his experiments and his observations and his calculations are examined in minute detail by hundreds of very clever scientists. Years of further testing and observation prove the hypothesis to be true. Maybe a couple of decades later, they get a Nobel Prize for it. And then some guy on a messageboard proclaims it absurd.

Look at the subliminal neutrino debate going on right now. Did scientists say "oh, right, well we believe you - neutrinos move faster than light now"? Nope. The scientific community descended upon it in droves and are scrutinizing it in far more detail than we can even imagine.

The idea that you think physicists just "get a pass" is, however, somewhat absurd. (Sorry, that came across as rude, but it seemed a mildly witty turn of phrase and I couldn't resist using it).

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