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The sequence of events is:

(1) Hey look, electrons are doing weird things in weird situations (like double-slit experiments) that classical physics can not explain.
(2) Well Jeez, let's invent quantum mechanics to deal with that, and look, quantum mechanics explains all of those features of electrons, and a fuck-ton of other particles, too.
(3) But what if we applied the rules of quantum mechanics to cats? Then you have cats doing weird things that they clearly don't do while we're watching!
(4) Well, actually, for certain values of "watching" the electrons don't do silly things while we're watching either, so I think this is all right, just weird.

Originally Posted by Candyman74 View Post
Look at the subliminal neutrino debate going on right now. Did scientists say "oh, right, well we believe you - neutrinos move faster than light now"? Nope. The scientific community descended upon it in droves and are scrutinizing it in far more detail than we can even imagine.
And oddly, a good chunk of the internet message board community (albeit not this one, because this one is lousy with physicists) jumped all over the superluminal neutrinos with claims that all of physics is shattered and those mean scientist-priests are being dogmatic assholes by criticizing the results. Teh Intarwebs seem very split upon whether or not physicists should get a free pass or not.