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Originally Posted by whc.03grady View Post
I suppose I should've said, "Why does physics (meaning the original experimenter and all those who verified the result) get a pass?"
I don't really understand where you're going with this. I mean, you're not supposed to believe anything; it's not a crime not to. The experimenter believes it, and the hundreds of scientists who verify it believe it, and the tens of thousands of scientists who subsequently verify it over the decades believe it. I honestly don't know where this "get a pass" thing is coming from. Get a pass from whom? You?

I guess you're welcome to not believe established scientific principles. I don't think the scientific community minds all that much. It's not going to stop them using the principles they've discovered.

Relativity sounds absurd. But your GPS works, so it's clearly not. Quantum computers work, so it can't all be nonsense. But, like I said, anyone's welcome to believe whatever they want to. The scientists aren't asking you for a pass; they're just getting on with their work and if you're interested they're happy to tell you about it.