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Originally Posted by Candyman74 View Post
Or - the shorter version of my above post:

Sure, you're entitled to ignore whatever you want.
I mean "entitled to ignore" in the same sense that we're entitled to ignore someone who claims to have squared the circle. Rationality allows us to ignore propositions that are, well, irrational. If one assumes a contradiction, anything can be shown. So, we're allowed to dismiss contradictions; we can ignore them.

It looks like, in positing a situation wherein something is simultaneously P and not-P, the physicist has made a statement that entails a contradiction, and therefore anything whatsoever follows from it. The physicist's statement can, in principle, prove anything: that Caesar and my banker are the same person; that the moon is made of green cheese; that all equilateral triangles are equiangular triangles; that five is twenty more than 138; that a carrot is an alarm clock; that dogs bark. Anything. As such, AFAICT the physicist's statement is worthless and subject to be ignored.

That's what I meant.

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