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Originally Posted by whc.03grady View Post
The physicist says the cat is in a superposition, viz., is both alive and dead.
Physicists don't say that. That is the entire point of the thought experiment. To say that the cat is simultaneously dead and alive is pretty ludicrous. I am not aware of any interpretation that does this. Until we open the box, the mathematics treat it as a 50% chance of either.

For one thing, note that, if shown true, neutrions moving faster than light wouldn't entail an absurdity. It would show that a fundamental proposition about physics was false, yes, but there's nothing logically impossible about a neutrino, or a '67 Buick Skylark, going faster than light; there's no absurdity there.
More than likely, if it does turn out that these neutrinos are traveling faster than light, the current understanding of relativity will be slightly modified rather than tossed out as false. In fact, superluminal travel does create something that is logically impossible, but then so did the initial measurements of C. Nevertheless, Newtonian physics largely dominates engineering and designs of modern equipment. Physics adjusts to new information, but it doesn't toss out the old information as false.